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For example: LV574046290CN

China Post tracking

The development of international trade and the strengthening of communication within the country led to the creation of a service that would track the transportation of letters, parcels, journals, etc. China Post tracking allows you to find out at what stage the delivery of your mail is at any time.

How to track China Post?

  1. To track a package, you need a tracking number;
  2. Use the search bar of the tracking service at the top of this page;
  3. Enter the tracking number in the search bar without including dashes or spaces;
  4. Click on the "Search" button;
  5. View your parcel's tracking history and location.

What does the China Post track number look like?

Each parcel or letter that is sent through China Post is assigned a special identification number or Shipment ID, with which you can easily track the package delivery. It consists of 13 characters, starting with one or two letters and ending with the combination of the letters “CN”.

For example, it could be RR123123123CN or EE245245245CN

China Post tracking without a tracking number

Postal tracking without a special Shipment ID is possible but requires more effort:

  • You need to contact the courier service and provide them with all the details of the order.
  • Alternatively, you can contact the sender of the parcel or letter and ask them to clarify the China Post tracking number.

China Post tracking statuses

The tracking system involves notifying clients requesting the location of their packages via a status system. They are very detailed and reflect all possible actions regarding correspondence or parcels:

In transit

Go out for delivery


Arrived at unit

Accepted by the carrier


China Post services

China Post is the main organization that manages multiple services that are created for the convenience of shipping correspondence and parcels. In other cases, it functions as an operator of some global postal services.

China EMS (Express Mail Service)

EMS is a global operator with which you can deliver parcels anywhere in the world in a short time. Usually, delivery of parcels monitored through China Post EMS tracking does not exceed 7 days. China Post tracking EMS will help you determine where in the world your package is currently traveling.

China International Express

If you need fast delivery of packages abroad, use China International Express. Such services will cost more than regular delivery but will save travel time. Track international package with a well-developed China Post global tracking system to make sure the shipment of your express mail runs smoothly. Other postal services, such as YunExpress or AliExpress, also provide delivery of goods abroad.

China Post International Large Package

Shipping heavy parcels weighing from 4.4 lb to 66 lb abroad is handled by a separate service. However, the China Post tracking official also applies to this service. Just enter your package's track order and see where it is currently going.

China Post Registered Air Mail

This is a regular air mail delivery service, which is not as fast as express mail delivery but just as reliable. Tracking China Post is conducted thanks to the registration number of your package.

China Post Small Packet

Packages under 4.4 lb can be delivered faster and cheaper with a separate service. But remember about additional restrictions: any of the sides of the package must not exceed 24 in. Due to registering these parcels, their postal service tracking is also possible.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about China Post tracking

What Is China Post Unregistered?

China tracking post can be limited only to the country area. After the package crosses the border, the tracking number China Post will not show you where the mail is now. This postal service is called China Post Unregistered.

China Post rates

The shipping cost depends on the urgency of the parcel or epacket, its size, shipping method, and other factors. Post office tracking does not need to be paid additionally; this service is assumed by default thanks to the registration number.

How to send a package by China Post?

Find the nearest post office that will pack and send your parcel or correspondence. Remember to check the Shipment ID on the best China Post tracking website to locate the package.

What items are prohibited in China Post?

First of all, the ban applies to hazardous substances, such as toxic, narcotic, explosive, and others. Do not send liquids, sharp, cutting objects, shockers, and other unsafe items. Buying goods on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces, check if they can be sent using China Post. If so, use e post tracking China to control their delivery.

How to change the address?

If the package has already been sent by China Post, the address cannot be altered. However, you can contact the courier service at the specified delivery address, give them the Shipment ID for parcel tracking, and ask them to redirect the package to another address.

How long does China Post take?

Delivery speed depends on the country of destination, the chosen shipping method, and the type of service (regular or express) you have used. The parcel goes to Asian countries for 5 to 10 days, to America and Europe — for 7 to 15 days, and to other countries — for no more than a month. However, speed post tracking will give an answer about the location of the parcel instantly.

Who delivers China Post?

China Post cooperates with reliable delivery services in each of the destination countries. It can be USPS, DHL, FedEx, UK Mail, and other reputable postal services. EMS tracking or another service that you used will tell you at what stage the processing of your mailing is.

How to return a package?

If you mistakenly received someone else's package or want to send back the product you did not like, come to the nearest post office. The staff will help you arrange the return of the parcel. Use epacket tracking to make sure the returned item gets back to the seller.

China Post does not deliver the order, what to do?

Chinese delivery works very smoothly, but sometimes, delays occur. If the parcel did not arrive on time, use China Post airline tracking or surface tracking to determine at what stage the failure occurred. If there is no further movement of your package, contact the courier service so that they can help speed up the delivery process.

About compensation China post

If the sender wants to receive compensation for late delivery, they must apply to China Post within 30 days after the package was supposed to arrive. China tracking will help you determine at what stage the parcel is stuck to indicate this in the application. A response from China Post with a decision will come within 7 days.

China Post contacts 

You can contact China Post in any convenient way:

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